God Sent Me A Knight

For HE shall give His angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways… Psalm 91:11

Once upon a time, a fairly long time ago there lived a damsel in great distress. Her heart ached and longed for true love. She was a confused young miss, imprisoned by disappointing circumstances around here. Her heart bled and she desperately desired to be rescued. She prayed and prayed. She prayed to the King Most High in Heaven and asked Him to send help. And she waited. And she waited some more…
Then one day the King summoned one of His finest in His army to go. The King said, “ I am sending you because you are one of my best. Go to her and find her. Touch her heart, show her My true and unconditional love. Take her, capture her, hold her tight and never let her go.”
So as a faithful knight would do, he followed the orders of the King and he went to look for this imprisoned captive. And as the young girl waited, she continued to hold onto hope even as she felt her life gradually slipping away.
So it was, the King led His knight directly to her and he quickly captured her heart. Then the Lord of Heaven instructed him to keep her by his side all the days of his life, to protect and guard her. And the knight did!
Years went by and they grew in love for one another. They faced adventures and journeys together. Because they were now joined together as one, they would fight their Lord’s battles together. The two of them together, were a part of the great commission of the Mighty Army of the Lord. They faced many battles together. Their Great Leader equipped them with just the perfect armor each and every time to win each and every battle.
And so, this once lost and hurting young girl lived under the guidance of the King with her Knight In Shining Armor right by her side. And every day her heart was now filled and overflowing with gratitude to her King for sending the best of his men to capture and rescue her heart.
The two of them together live on, training their young lads to be a part of this great army. So that one day they, too, grow up to be Knights In Shining Armor under the commandment of their King Most High. One day, they too, will capture the heart of a young miss and continue the legacy of the Greatest love and the great commission of the King Most High.