Happy 8th Birthday to OUR bundle of LOVE

“LOOK Mom I made a snack hat” (peanuts rest in a perfectly designed compartment on top)

Happy birthday to Maximus Zacharias Sellars! A strong name for a strong little boy – full of the joy of the LORD!
I find it so fascinating as I look back on a short little letter we gave out to everyone that joined us for his 1st birthday….as I spoke of what I already saw in him at just the young age of 1, believing and seeing how God had designed him – and now 7 years later! Wow!

That letter partly read:

“…..Maximus means strong/mighty. He has such a joyful presence about him – a strong and mighty spirit – full of the joy of the Lord. As the bible verse goes “the joy of the LORD is my strength” Neh 8:10, we know that the joy of the Lord will be Maximus’ strength all the days of his life”

~ July 2012 – Happy 8th Birthday to OUR Little Buddy~

Maximus¬†God’s Mighty Warrior

Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might,
We pray you never, ever give up the fight!

Let God lead you each day, in His mighty army,
as you fight for the King and win victory!

Get dressed in God’s armor each day
use God’s word, the sword of the Spirit,
use your gift He has given you – to pray, pray, pray!

You have a heart full of love and God’s joy inside of you,
keep looking to Jesus in all that you do.

For God loves you so much, to Him you belong,
It is the Joy of the Lord that makes your heart strong.

We love you so very much – oh yes we do!
We thank God every day for giving us – YOU!

“The joy of the Lord is my strength” Nehemiah 8:10