god_of_angel_armiesA battle had to be won! Moses stood on top of a hill along with two other men of God. As long as Moses held up a heavy rod “the rod of God” in his hand they would look down to see that Israel prevailed; when he let down his hand, the enemy prevailed. Moses had to keep the rod held high in order to win. His arms became weary from heaviness. So Aaron and Hur supported him! His brothers lifted him up when he was too weary to continue on his own. “one on one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun” from Exodus 17:8-13. And the battle was won! It was the power of God through the hands of His people!

Weary I laid in that place – helpless
Our baby first miles away, then a hallway away,
then miles away with a long drive for daily visits.
How would we cope? How would we face the uncertainty?
Prayer! I consoled with the Lord on the night they told us
the uncertainty of his future. I knew his future was secure
no matter what in the Mighty Arms of God.
Zippered up tummy, coming out of a haze,
I cried out to the Lord, with bible in hand. I read His words-
I experieced His supernatural, indescribable, peace.
Somehow? Someway? By what only God can secure – felt the comforting
presense of “no matter what-it will be okay”. Indescribable! It was God!
The truth of this scripture met me, “be anxious for nothing,
but through prayer, supplication, thanksgiving, make your requests made
known to Him and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will
guard you heart and mind in Christ Jesus our Lord” Phil. 4:6&7
And…God’s people! A full on army of them by our side! Power in prayer, power through
God’s people! Tired, weary…how did I do it? I didn’t! It was God working tirelessly through His people.
Bring on the battle!
Lifted up! Covered in more prayers than I may ever know! Visits in masses.
Encouraging words.
Prophetic words. Gifts, cards. Hands to touch our baby when I could not be there.
Pictures to capture memories.
Meals to our home.
God’s presence and angels dispatched over & over!

Continued prayer…. 10 years later! Victory in each battle! Praise God!

What is your battle today?  “may God bless you with strength to carry on, His people to lift you up.   May we as His church be ready to come alongside others in their battle”

put so perfectly…..
“Our prayers unleash the powers of God in the life of another individual.”
– Dr. James Dobson