School for Wild n’ Crazy Sellars boys! Back to school photo with no shirts on!!

We received our shipments today.  Imagine God’s timing… 3 packages coming from three different places arriving on the same day!

God is good!  Every hour I need Him.  Scratch that – every second I need Him!

Lessons I learned over our summer break:

1)summer breaks are important in this season of schooling – mostly for “mom” – but then really for my marriage, for my children to have a more well prepared and adjusted mom, teacher, advocate, coach, cheerleader, and so on…  So really the break is vital for all of us!

2)Pacing myself for the race God has called me to is wisdom gleaned from Above.

3)Rest, Being still in the Lord, brings strength and vitality over and over again, necessary for the battles to come!

“grow in the GRACE and KNOWLEDGE of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”  1 Pet 5:18

101_8835101_8838A binder loaded with goodies – animal life, God’s creation, EVEN a $ score from Target for a Reading Comprehension book about African Animals!




And… Isaac was loaded up with a binder full of goodies – sports theme, some fun books from $ store, as well as this ZANY TALES (mock off MAD Libs) for engaging my silly boy with silly stories to learn his parts of speech.