Hello Textbooks, Hello Tears, Hello JESUS!!!!!!!

101_8863Our first day of Fall school with our new textbooks and games. Started out rough (for me), time for a break. I leaned hard on Jesus and cried out to Him, with tears streaming down my face. Wisdom He did give! Joy! He is so faithful!
There are times in this journey including today where I become overwhelmed and in a moment can “wonder-how can I do this?”- I give HIM the desire of my heart – to continue to find joy, and peace, and wisdom in this process. HE continues to give me the desire of my heart! “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

Beauty today in….
A quick turnaround in attitudes
Realizing how much school the boys can do together now (similar levels – learning together)
Sucessful strategies in how to make math happen one on one
Apologies made from the heart
Home made targets make a great break from math problems
A Walk holding my 9 year olds hand (covered in a black super hero glove)
A purple flower picked for “me”
Mother and son sweet conversation