Raising Boys – God’s Mighty Warriors~ (my story)

101_8884Yesterday the boys and I (and dog) headed out for a walk through the neighborhood. Me feeling exhausted and looking forward to a relaxing break from school work. Maximus carried a blow up sword he had received for his birthday. Shortly out on our adventure all chaos broke-commotion from every direction. Dogs across in the fenced yard yapping, ladies across the street yelling at their little dog to get back (that was loose) , and Isaac trying to hold Harry back from the loose dog (Harry is anti social -LOL!)All the sudden realize a big yellow school bus was coming up behind and I had mama illusions of someone darting to the middle of the street (mostly Isaac). All the while…Maximus was standing in front of us waving his big sword at the “little” dog that kept following us having a little mini moment of Knight In Shining Armor. In my moment of OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS TOO MUCH… I grabbed Harry’s leash from Isaac, and instructed Maximus to “get over here now”. I started to tell him how waving at the little dog was not what he should have been doing then….. I… stopped…. and I do believe it was the Holy Spirit…. then I said in a calm, humble, gentle voice, “you know what buddy, I am SO SORRY. God made you to be a WARRIOR, A PROTECTOR, and THAT is exactly what you were doing. You did nothing wrong.. you were doing exactly what God created you to do-will YOU please forgive me?” And of course those handsome, warrior, brown eyes looked up at me and said – “it’s okay, mom, I forgive you”. And we walked down the road hand in hand. I am thankful for God’s promptings, and I pray for MANY more of those along this way – in showing me my errors, showing me His perspective, and helping me to build the healthy relationships He desires of me with God’s Mighty Warriors!