Sellars Family Thanksgiving – Simplicity

A morning cry, a meeting with Jesus at the foot of the cross

looking up first to His outstretched arms, with blood pouring out in love for me,

envisioning Him in all His glory strong and mighty as the OVERCOMER of all things.

Truly a day of Thanksgiving for His great love that removes all sins as far as the east is from the west.

A beaming 11 year old extending his emotions as he greeted me in the kitchen with a “happy Thanksgiving mom!  I am so excited to eat turkey today” – many Happy Thanksgiving from our Maximus.


Two brothers playing together in beautiful sunny skies…..


Worship music blasting in our home, went together perfectly with the aroma of pumpkin pies baking…

A husband to sweep me off my feet for a couples dance  to this song that has affected my heart so deeply recently – seeking God’s favor above all else!

“Yours will be the only Name that matters to me

The only One Whose favor I seek
The only Name that matters to me

Yours will be
The friendship and affection I need
To feel my Father smiling on me
The only Name that matters to me

Yours is the Name the Name that has saved me
Mercy and grace the power that forgave me
And Your love is all I’ve ever needed

When I wake up in the Land of Glory
And with the saints I will tell my story
There will be one Name that I proclaim

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, just that Name”

And flowers …. touched my heart in a way ONLY the Savior can know – His perfect timing and perfect way….


Communion time as we cheered to Jesus for His great sacrifice, holding sparkly glasses with sparkling cider in one big conglomeration to say Thank You Jesus.  

Family time, of sweet memories, simple gifts, simple joys, in a place we can say HOME SWEET HOME – it is!

Twas’ the Night before Thanksgiving….

101_9919Two boys and one mama were stirring today,

it was time for a little get away

off we left to redeem reading coupons for lunch on the road




Embraced the beauty around us as we drove

Up to Multnomah Falls we went 

Invigorating winds, sunshine, salmon, falls, creatures and all



A time well spent with two precious young men

A time to say thank You Lord for the gifts He has given101_9927




A time to be together and enjoy this life we’re livin’.


For this I am THANKFUL

For all the years that I tried to figure out a way in advance of how I could be a stay-at-home mom for maybe just a  few years…..

TODAY… as I approached HOME SWEET HOME from a wonderful walk – after a day of ministering to the poor and lonely elderly with a 9 and 11 year old boy… I marvel…

in GRATITUDE as I admired my husband and boys playing basketball with a neighbor boy… on a crisp November day, just two days before Thanksgiving.

11 years of HOME SWEET HOME with my family – and to think I didn’t have to figure anything out… but take one day at a time letting God lead us through it all – good, rough and tough, victories and pressing on – making a dream a reality.  Because nothing is impossible with God.

Happy Thanksgiving – may we fight the good fight and never give up our walk with Jesus today, tomorrow and all eternity!


A Simple “I LOVE YOU”

101_9792I have weary days, I have battles. Battles within me that only ONE understands in all fullness. We all have battles, I know I’m not alone. I don’t share for pity. I share to be real. And the real deal is I need an I LOVE YOU from the ONE Who understands the deepest parts of my being.

Sunday morning, a very breezy, cool November day, I needed quiet and an I LOVE YOU. I sat snuggled in my warm, fuzzy bathrobe, in the only lounge chair left from summer on my back patio.

Looked up towards the heavens, just needing a touch from the Heavenly Father…

Marveled at the clouds moving on, grey skies, a bit of blackness in one spot and a touch of blue in another. Kind of how my life felt at the moment.

Quiet,as I spoke to the Lord simple words, while my family stood inside thinking mom has lost her mind embracing the cool temperature as if unaffected.

What did affect me was the shadow that appeared on the side of our home with this writing…


Through the grey and darkness the “SUN” had begun to peek through which allowed these words to be displayed in a shadow on the wall. I grinned, as these words came from my husband. An I LOVE YOU stick, the only thing left in the disintegrated pot of flowers he had blessed me with on Mother’s Day.

While the I LOVE YOU came from my husband, who adores me so much – this day the Lord used this tool to remind me of His perfect love-the love that shines through brilliant on grey days, on days where I know HE is the only one who truly knows. “he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” Psalm 91. His sacrificial LOVE through the work of the cross removes the darkness through the gift of the “SON” as He says.. I LOVE YOU. I know my husband would agree there is NO love as great as the “SON’s” SAVING GRACE. A love so perfect that we never had to do a thing for it. Love offered sacrificially through Jesus Christ.

For He keeps His children as the apple of His eye ( “keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me under the shadow of Your wings” Psalm 17:8)To grasp this LOVE is impossible for “ME”, but nothing is impossible for God, and I yearn to be consumed more and more deeply in this LOVE, that by His plan equips then to LOVE one another.  I am thankful for the LOVE HE continues to reveal to me through time away from distraction and more time spent with Him.  May I decrease and He increase in my life.

I want others to know there is an I LOVE YOU just for YOU! Through the darkness of this world, when we position ourselves humbly under the Mighty Hand of God, by trusting in Him, we reside under the shadow of HIS LOVE. Where the “SON” comes out on the darkest of days and through the shadow of those wings says… I LOVE YOU!


Not just a “book” – The WORD OF GOD – According to Isaac

He views things in a different way than I do. He sees many things as matter of fact. I realized recently us referring to the bible as the “bible” lacked meaning for him. He has his routine, he has his check lists that help him feel safe and secure. He takes words as literal as they sound. He would read his “bible” as a to-do-list – I know it was that for him in a sense, because of a talk we recently had. It’s difficult for a person whose brain depends on so much matter of fact, rules, programming, to keep order in their “chaotic” inner workings of neurological glitches to view things or experience things any other way. My mama’s heart desires he will see reading the bible, as a meaningful experience into the heart of God’s love for him. And perhaps he does, even more than I realize… “man looks at the outward appearance and God looks at the heart.”

I know ultimately God is the ONE Who instills within our children the spiritual understanding. I also know it is a process for each of us to grasp the “bible” as more than just a nice book – but rather the wonderful provision He gave to us in His Word to guide us to His heart. I sat in my women’s bible study, as a Titus 2 woman of the Word spoke and reminded us grown ladies “reading God’s word needs to become much more than a to-do-list. Even grown ups struggle with this concept” – urging us on to find more of HIS richness intended through spending time listening to Him through His WORD.

God has placed us as parents in such a privileged and sacred place over our children to lead them to the heart of God. I was reminded by two different sisters in Christ at two different gathering places that our most greatest way to effect our children for the LORD is just allowing Jesus to Shine in us for them to see as an example. I believe this is so true. They watch and learn and even in my failures – they will learn that mom is imperfect, repentant, and in need of the Savior.

So this day the Lord brought to my attention that I needed to be very explanatory as to what the bible really is. Even though we have referred to it as God’s Word many times in conversations and bible studying, I desired to bring him to connect more in understanding. For him often needs VERY DIRECT and SPECIFIC communication- that extra dose of one on one personal care and conversation and explanation for it to click.

“This IS God’s Words. It’s His way of talking to YOU. You have a relationship with your brother and listen to him and he listens to you. Jesus wants a relationship with you. A relationship involves spending time together, listening and talking. You hear what God wants to say to YOU when you open His word. And believe me, God has so much to tell YOU that is good for YOU. So much he wants YOU to know. God also hears you when you talk to him in prayer. He loves You.”

So then… a few weeks later as Isaac sat with an adult explaining what he does during his Warrior Meetings (a discipleship meeting in our home for young boys), it blessed my heart when he went through step by step in explainging our activities…. “we pray, we play games, then we…. and then… and then WE READ FROM THE WORD OF GOD.

That has so much more meaning to him-it is literal and it is personal.

 It’s GOD’s WORDS!

God’s words written down for you and me.

Children are a blessing as they can all teach us so many valuable lessons. I am certain that most every parent would agree to that from their own personal experience.  Each of our boys are on their journey as God continues to reveal himself to them. Each of them have their strengths, wills, weaknesses and battles to overcome. WE all do.

I just marvel at how God gives parents, just the perfect children to draw our hearts in deeper communion with Him in order to refine us, and lead all of us to the cross, to His love.

God Directs Our Steps

101_9626“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps” Proverbs 16:9
~Sovereign God overrules the plans of men to fulfill His purposes~

Bundled up with hats and warm coats ready to head out into the crisp, sunny morning. Looking forward to embracing this last “predicted” sunny Fall day before the rains hit. Our destination – Scenic Multnomah Falls! First stop hot cocoa and mocha, then off to take in the breath taking beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. All ready for our dreamy day.

But…..God had others plans.

Ready to walk out the door, I discovered my keys were gone. And a long ways gone.  Like 40 minutes away gone at the home we visited last night as a family.

My dreamy plans were rocked briefly, until I took a deep breath and remembered the prayer I had prayed earlier in the morning.

“Lord please direct my steps today. I want to be where you want me to be. I cannot do this day without you. I need you. I am weak and You are my strength. Please give me patience today instead of my fleshly irritability, give me peace and calm that only You can provide to take precedence over my flesh that would remain anxious filled left to it’s own. Amen”

Direct …. my… steps….

And He showed me clearly His direction and it was not to be traveling by car anywhere, and not to Multnomah Falls.

The boys and I regrouped and headed out for a walk. A walk through our Gresham city. We tromped through crunchy leaves, marveled at the sun breaking through the fluffy clouds and blue sky. Worshiped the Lord as we proceeded down the sidewalk – “the sun comes up it’s a new day dawning, it’s time to sing Your song again, whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes”.

We walked on….
to Fred Meyer, where I grabbed myself a warm coffee and picked up the card game UNO we’ve had on our list for a time now.
Lunch time approached…

We walked on …
Shared a meal together at Panda Express and played a few games of UNO inside our comfy resting spot.
WE laughed, we ate, we played…
And my boys paused and both said one after the other – Thank you mom for taking us here today. It’s okay we didn’t make it to Multnomah Falls, this has been so much fun.

And I shared… that  God is the one that took us here today – and God has clearly directed our steps. Not our plan, but God’s plan.

The Lord led and we stepped out and discovered His blessings! Calm, peace, and patience a gift from Him today.

We walked home… and those warm fuzzy, furry boots were more than I could bear

We walked on… bare foot on the cool pavement. (well Max and I did). Letting go, letting loose. Maximus enjoying his moment of living “wild n’ free” bare foot, hand in hand with mom.
A dreamy day – and I thank the LORD that He truly directed our steps.

What was His purpose in all this?  I don’t know fully.  But I do know that it was where He wanted us today, and it was good.

This reminds me of other things recently that He has allowed to take place in order to increase the faith of my children.  A trial they faced, really our whole family faced-choices to be made that were painful but knew we must obey. Sometimes we see the blessings immediately like today in this very small example of walking in faith.  Other times, we must trust, obey and wait and wait.  Then one day… we see it all so clearly and why God directed our steps this way… I marvel to see a light come on in my boys’ lives when they’ve been through  a significant trial and they see the other side of how God was orchestrating it all and how He took them through this to bring blessing and His best for them.  I marvel when I actually hear them… and even more when I “HEAR” Isaac speak it out like I did the other day- that he  recognized the goodness and blessings of God taking care of us.  That the Lord had taken us down a path  that once seemed uncertain and now it all just  made sense.

Not all things will make sense that happen to us in this lifetime.  Some things will only make sense when we meet our Savior in eternity one day.  Believing His promises and personally knowing the Savior who “works all things together for our good” will be the faith to carry us on today, tomorrow and all eternity.

I pray with each life lesson, I can direct my boys to the Savior, that it will be another faith building opportunity to prepare them whatever challenges greater they may face as they press on in Jesus.

“the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way” Psalm 37:23