Not just a “book” – The WORD OF GOD – According to Isaac

He views things in a different way than I do. He sees many things as matter of fact. I realized recently us referring to the bible as the “bible” lacked meaning for him. He has his routine, he has his check lists that help him feel safe and secure. He takes words as literal as they sound. He would read his “bible” as a to-do-list – I know it was that for him in a sense, because of a talk we recently had. It’s difficult for a person whose brain depends on so much matter of fact, rules, programming, to keep order in their “chaotic” inner workings of neurological glitches to view things or experience things any other way. My mama’s heart desires he will see reading the bible, as a meaningful experience into the heart of God’s love for him. And perhaps he does, even more than I realize… “man looks at the outward appearance and God looks at the heart.”

I know ultimately God is the ONE Who instills within our children the spiritual understanding. I also know it is a process for each of us to grasp the “bible” as more than just a nice book – but rather the wonderful provision He gave to us in His Word to guide us to His heart. I sat in my women’s bible study, as a Titus 2 woman of the Word spoke and reminded us grown ladies “reading God’s word needs to become much more than a to-do-list. Even grown ups struggle with this concept” – urging us on to find more of HIS richness intended through spending time listening to Him through His WORD.

God has placed us as parents in such a privileged and sacred place over our children to lead them to the heart of God. I was reminded by two different sisters in Christ at two different gathering places that our most greatest way to effect our children for the LORD is just allowing Jesus to Shine in us for them to see as an example. I believe this is so true. They watch and learn and even in my failures – they will learn that mom is imperfect, repentant, and in need of the Savior.

So this day the Lord brought to my attention that I needed to be very explanatory as to what the bible really is. Even though we have referred to it as God’s Word many times in conversations and bible studying, I desired to bring him to connect more in understanding. For him often needs VERY DIRECT and SPECIFIC communication- that extra dose of one on one personal care and conversation and explanation for it to click.

“This IS God’s Words. It’s His way of talking to YOU. You have a relationship with your brother and listen to him and he listens to you. Jesus wants a relationship with you. A relationship involves spending time together, listening and talking. You hear what God wants to say to YOU when you open His word. And believe me, God has so much to tell YOU that is good for YOU. So much he wants YOU to know. God also hears you when you talk to him in prayer. He loves You.”

So then… a few weeks later as Isaac sat with an adult explaining what he does during his Warrior Meetings (a discipleship meeting in our home for young boys), it blessed my heart when he went through step by step in explainging our activities…. “we pray, we play games, then we…. and then… and then WE READ FROM THE WORD OF GOD.

That has so much more meaning to him-it is literal and it is personal.

¬†It’s GOD’s WORDS!

God’s words written down for you and me.

Children are a blessing as they can all teach us so many valuable lessons. I am certain that most every parent would agree to that from their own personal experience.  Each of our boys are on their journey as God continues to reveal himself to them. Each of them have their strengths, wills, weaknesses and battles to overcome. WE all do.

I just marvel at how God gives parents, just the perfect children to draw our hearts in deeper communion with Him in order to refine us, and lead all of us to the cross, to His love.