What is Your Ministry? – Divinely Appointed

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESCalled to a ministry? I am. The ministry of being a wife, a mom, home schooling, special needs, and sharing the gospel with those who the Lord brings my way.

Whatever our ministry, God is sufficient.

The “world” has told me I am not qualified in each of these specific areas that God clearly has called me to, therefore I am qualified.

As a minister of the gospel, I have experienced the criticism and comparison to bible “scholars” that have studied the bible for years (but sadly have not entered into a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord). Being told that what I am sharing cannot be CORRECT because of my lack of education.

*The world said GOD is not enough to carry our marriage and transform us daily for the past 20 years.
*The enemy tried to convince me early on that I was not enough to home school.
*The world told me that I was not sufficient to meet the special needs of my son at an early age.

I stand in truth, I stand to testify of a saving faith in Jesus, a marriage that lives on because of Him, home schooling for the past few years, and a special needs child, God is sufficient!

For the days the enemy tries to come again to place a moment of doubt in my life, may I encourage you, if any doubt in the ministry God has called you to, take heart!

STAND FIRM and be BOLD in your calling. A calling the world may say, you are not enough, or that you should be somewhere else. God has called you, He will equip you, and He will be well pleased in His work through you. Don’t lose heart to the diaper changes, the weary days, the unending loads of laundry, the special circumstances of your life, and unknowns in the journey.

Whether called to be a wife, a mom, home schooling, special needs, or whatever it may be out and about and beyond….
Consider these words.
“when they saw the boldness in Peter and John, and they perceived that they were UNEDUCATED, and UNTRAINED men, they marveled, and they realized that they had been with JESUS!” Acts 4:13


Apostle Paul was called to minister the gospel. I too, as a disciple of JESUS am called to minister the gospel. And that starts first in my home.

In 2 Corinthinans 2:14 Paul began to look above, as in the preceding verses he shared of his troubles. “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through US diffuses the frangrance of His knowledge in EVERY place.”

Paul looked beyond the troubles of his ministry to above to praise and thanksgiving to God. By turning from the difficulties in his ministry and focusing on the privileges of his position in Christ, Paul regained his joyful perspective.

1) Paul Gave thanks for being led by a sovereign God
2)Paul gave thanks for the promised victory
3)Paul was grateful for the privilege of being used as an influence for Christ
4)Paul was thankful for the privilege of pleasing God. “for we are to God the fragrance of Christ (pleasing to Him)among those who are being saved..” 1 Cor. 2: 15

Today I insert my name. Will you do the same?

1)Leah gives thanks for being led by a sovereign God
2)Leah gives thanks for the promised victory
3)Leah is grateful for the privilege of being used as an influence for Christ
4)Leah is thankful for the privilege of pleasing God. “for we are to God the fragrance of Christ (pleasing to Him)among those who are being saved..” 1 Cor. 2: 15

Running for the Prize!

ImageRunning for the prize! As Isaac began to feel fatigued during our BIG family Hike, Jog, Run, Walk this morning, yes, believe it or not – I quoted scripture..  “let us run this race with endurance, looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith” Heb. 12 – giving a quick devotional out in the middle of God’s glorious creation on perseverance God calls us to. Joe then offered his son the thought of a reward. DAD offered a reward for persevering to the end that he would receive a prize (lunch out and a root beer – Isaac’s favorite). At that moment, Isaac picked up his pace and began to jump across hurdles as if in an obstacle course! Working hard for his anticipated prize! As DAD encouraged him on this trek, our Heavenly Father encourages us everyday to not give up and keep moving forward, and gives us the JOY of anticipation of the prize we will receive in CHRIST JESUS!

I know Nothing – Apart from Christ

I KNOW NOTHING…I need to say, I truly am NOTHING without Christ. I often felt weaker than others around me, not able to lob a volleyball over the net in high school over hand and everyone else could. I had to work extra hard and persevere for it to finally come-and still was never easy. Academics were difficult, making friends in high school – I clung to my BFF and just afraid much of the time of the world around me. I often walked in tremendous fear and anxiety. I often doubted myself in most facets of life. Somehow by God’s grace inbetween all this I had my JOY spots. God has been the one to carry me my whole life. The enemy had a hay day with placing all these things in my life and a battle that has only been overcome – ONE PRAYER at a time and saturating myself in His Word and presence. 18 years ago is when I hit rock bottom and did not know how I would continue in this life. I went to the ONLY one Who I knew had saved me from eternal Hell for eternity, hoping He could save me from the hell of these daily battles. One summer night when I could barely move, I surrendered my WHOLE life (parts I was holding back) and committed to following Christ. It still has not been easy, but it has been rewarding and the best decision I’ll ever make. I have seen miracle after miracle. I have seen miracles almost daily. I  glory in the CROSS! I GLORY in the LORD who is my STRENGTH. It started with how do I live? How do I have joy? How to be a wife?  Will I ever have children? – the odds according to human understanding were stacked against me. Now how do I be a mom? How to love like God loves? What, me home school? How do I be a speech therapist to my 3 1/2 year old? How do I help him express his emotions? How do I do this life? IT HAS been with JESUS and ONLY because of HIM living in me that I am able to do this life He has called me to. I  rejoice daily, I rejoice because CHRIST IS MY EVERYTHING.  Because of His power, one day at a time He enables me to be and do what He calls me to do.  And when the enemy comes to attempt to steal, Christ’s resurrection power rises up strong to equip me.  “the Helper, the Holy Spirit, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things I have said to you.” John 14:26.  I love His faithfulness to BRING us into all truth.  “when the Spirit of truth, has come, He will GUIDE you into all truth…”  John 16:13  I love this scripture because it reminds me that our life is a process of sanctification, as He guides us along the way, teaches us (we are always learning and growing) into knowing truth about each and every situation we face in our life.  And “he is faithful to complete His work in us”  Phil. 1:6   I know who I am without Him and I know Who I am because of HIM and HIM alone. HE IS EVERYTHING TO ME. “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.”Gal. 6:14
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Melting Snow and Planting Seeds


Thoughts on a winter day in February after a fun round of wintry  bliss followed by melting snow that still keeps us home bound and cabin fever setting in.  And it is Monday…Today is the day to plant the seed. Imagine what I can do today to plant God’s word into the life of this family. Every dish that is washed with a song on my lips. Every bicker that comes, addressed to the heart level and full transforming work with the Word of God. Imagine stopping to take time over and over again throughout the day to recognize God’s hand in each and every situation-to praise Him with my children in victory, to pray for one another in our struggle moments, to live out not whining and complaining, to pause and recognize His beauty. Imagine me living out “the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is precious in His sight” (1 Pet. 3) Imagine the fruit God could produce in a day! And then… imagine remaining in my complacent state, just getting by… and what fruit would be produced??? Imagine what a difference this day will be dying to self and living for kingdom purposes. Imagine that tomorrow never comes and today is the last day to plant that precious seed of life. Imagine the fruit that God will produce from taking one day at a time truly dying to self and yet truly LIVING by His strength and power. Imagine a God Who, will cover a multitude of my sins for the days I slip by and don’t truly embrace what He has given me. And imagine a God who is faithful, even when I am not, and gets me where He wants me to be. Imagine waking looking at the day as less than exciting, spending time at the foot of the cross where JESUS died for me, where the KING OF GLORY CREATOR of the UNIVERSE died to Himself, and now LIVES so that I might LIVE. Imagine a God who will turn my complacency of this day to a day of rejoicing in Him. Experience today the LOVE from the Father above lavished on His children, that I might through His overflowing, lavish that on others today – Love that is patient, kind, not irritable, rejoices in the truth…PERSEVERES. ” And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Gal. 6:9

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow”  Isaiah 1:18

Keeping my Eyes on the Prize – a follow up to my FB post


Focusing on the prize – JESUS!  That’s what I posted as I began this day.  Fueled up in prayer, devotions with the boys on Patience and Perseverance.. little did I know minutes later that would be God’s specific word to ME (not them).  Academics are important but I have always prayed for the most important thing to be made known to my boys – the reality of the relationship with Savior and the hope that each would grow to depend on HIM for life.  I had prayed this desire of my heart, again over them before our day started.  Now.. I was being hit with a ton of unexpected twists all at once during our math time at the table-emotions, locked up brain, and more.  I began to crumble over the pressure and the enemy of doubt crept in to cause me to question – “was I qualified?”.  The boys knew why I headed to my room, not because of them, because of my own struggle.  They knew mommy was sobbing before the Lord.  The Lord met me in prayer and I headed back out with none other than PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE, eyes fixed on  JESUS the prize! And this is what I heard as Maximus, my 9 year old son, looked me in the eye and said in the most grown up and direct and assertive tone,  “now, mom.  Listen to me.  I was just praying for you mom.  You ARE the greatest teacher there is.  And mom (pause), God IS your help and He IS with you.”   So thankful math got jumbled and the events of that window of time were what they were.  Cause that was a most valuable lesson – for all of us.  God hears the cries of our hearts -and he answers and shows up in the most beautifully, unexpected ways.  I sat with both boys and said “exactly!  And that is the lesson I WANT you to learn if you never learn another thing, please boys, LEARN that God is YOUR help, and HE is always with you”.

School is dismissed! 


P.S.  For mama’s out there everywhere, with little children unable to communicate – because they are young or because of other reasons – be encouraged and fix your eyes on the prize – because the prayer that you cover your children in, the lessons you teach – God is working. “some” of us may be limited in what we actually are able to hear from our children’s hearts – because of barriers in communication. God gave me a son with verbal communication barriers – he has his “way”- and then a son with a GIFT in COMMUNICATION and expression – on behalf of moms who don’t get to “hear” those special words – your love for your children is recognized and God’s love in you is touching them.