Child Like Faith

boy prayingVessel of love through a 9 year old boy…

He put his agenda aside and sat down next to the injured young boy that he barely knew. A large group of them had wandered to their home to play and were roughing it up on the backyard trampoline.While life continued all around a wounded young man was being bounced to and fro, and there was one who stopped to minister to a hurting soul. “are you okay? Are you sure you are okay? Hey you guys stop being mean to him, he is hurting right now”. He gave eye contact and a loving touch asking where he hurt. His mother watched as he laid his gentle hand upon the boy and without hesitation and without fear of what anyone else would think prayed “Heavenly Father, please heal him, in Jesus name, Amen”.

It was a beautiful moment for a mama to observe. For she knows the battles faced each day in this imperfect family, saved by grace. She knows the very specific heart cry of prayers she has prayed over her children for their genuine salvation and growth in the Lord. She knows that very morning the things the Lord had shown her of areas to zone in on in pursuit of getting to the heart of her children.  Areas needed for growth.

She knows what a beautiful gift God gives to His children. How the Savior’s own sacrifice on the cross, through repentance and faith makes one clean and righteous before a Holy God. That in spite of the continuing work of sanctifying us and setting us further and further away from sin, that because of His precious shed blood and His indwelling spirit within us, He flows through us and of all amazing things, considers us worthy.

She knows when she sees her son responding in such ways, that he is grasping the love His Savior has for him that stopped his own agenda, took time to meet the need of another. She is hopeful of the work God is doing in her son, as well as beyond what she may even know into the lives of others. That in spite of the daily battles of sin and repentance, that there truly is power, power, wonder working power through the precious shed blood of the lamb.

And she sees a child like faith that is unafraid to speak the name of Jesus to strangers Рand would consider it no other way.  She is moved to consider how she can be more bold in her faith in doing the same.