Boy Who Gave His Lunch Away Can Be A Mother’s Story Too

flood gates

The other day I reflected on this past year in training up our boys. I said, “Lord please take what I have offered.  It seems so small and I wonder if I have offered enough.  However small it may be I pray and believe you would multiply it to the measure and way you choose”  I reflected on John 6, when a boy offered something small to help feed a hungry crowd.  The disciples’ initial response at the offering was to comment on how insignificant the amount was to feed the thousands of hungry souls.  Yet Jesus took that offering  and blessed it and multiplied beyond measure.

Last night God did something profound. Revealing He is taking my offering at times seems so insignificant, yet because of the power of the great love through Jesus, is multiplying it. He has been leaving me in shock and awe at the things that are coming from within and spilling out to reveal His power at work. I only share in honor of the Lord Great & Mighty because HE IS worthy to be honored and praised.

I have prayed continually for years for the quiet inward focus, quiet in words and expression, for outward expression in a Godly light, for awareness of more of the world around rather than being secretly tucked away within, specifically lately for emotional connections ultimately for the sake of living relationally with the Lord and Savior.

“mom, I cannot believe this! (as he turned around and saw me on the couch last night). When you get up in the morning you read your bible. (with great enthusiasm and awe in his own voice) Then.. before you go to bed at night I see you reading your bible. And it’s the only book you read. Why is the bible the only book I see you reading?” Then I answered: “Well son because the bible is my treasure. If I was told I had to get rid of every book in my home and could only keep one, I would easily send them all away and hold my bible close. If I had the choice to keep all these beautiful rings that I wear on my hand that mean a LOT to me (my hubby blessed me with several before our boys came) or get rid of my bible, I would keep my bible. Son, it’s God’s Words. He wrote all these words for me. He has lots of things He wants to tell me. I get to have God to talk me! Tell me amazing things, give me help, tell me what to do for me to have a good life, tell me He loves me. Someday I’ll talk to him face to face and I’m excited about that. For now, I want to hear what He has to say to ME every single day. I love Him son. He loves me. And son, HE loves you. And He wrote these words JUST FOR YOU too, because He has so many things He wants to tell you.”

The flood gates are open!  It’s pouring out everyday in new ways, and he’s asking, asking, asking!!! Praise be to GOD!!!!

Now this is my favorite kind of multiplication!

Mothers. As we offer our hearts to the Lord in our seemingly insignificant (by man’s standard) offerings to our children.  Whether it be prayers over diaper changes, a cry in the night for a child at any stage of life, whatever it may be.  He will multiply for His kingdom purposes.

“Try ME now in this, says the Lord. IF I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing..” Mal. 3:10