In His Presence

Light blanket, snuggled up in the cool summer morning breeze. Sips of warm coffee, admiring blue skies and the evidence of God’s mighty handiwork all around. In every sound from morning greetings by the phone call from my hubby, and children arising to more I things as I look up to the umbrella covering me, to the patio beneath – summer provisions from the Lord. Reflecting on the few days past with family – more provision in God’s unexpected blessings, gifts that sink deep into the soul. Chattering birds, and a the warmth and beauty of the glowing morning sun, all reminders of the PERFECT warmth of THE SON Who embraces me in His love everyday. I am so FAR from perfect. My words are not adequate, but with what I have, I will say, in spite of being so imperfect, I am thankful for a PERFECT love that has captivated my heart. The love of a Heavenly Father who happens to also be the CREATOR of the universe as well as YOU and ME. He made Himself known to me through the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior many years ago. I am saved and secure. Thankful that His power that now resides in me, through the Holy Spirit my Helper, He is faithful to complete His work. Each day I can be confident through all things – seen, the unknown/unseen He is indeed working on my behalf to prepare me for eternity with Him forever. A love so kind it brings me daily to repentance. Repentance always leads to FREEDOM. IN repentance I envision Jesus on the cross and His blood at that moment working on my behalf washing sin far from me as if there were none! His powerful work on the cross is constantly working on my behalf. I am given the gift of freedom, not looking back, not even 15 minutes ago, for there is no condemnation but freedom through repentance and His finished work. I am left and inspired to press onward to His plan for me. Grateful for this Savior. Saves me daily with His peace that transcends human intellect. IN the midst of a crooked world where much is not peaceful and very much imperfect – this peace holds me together and offers me hope for today, tomorrow and eternity.