A Thanksgiving Gift – Thankful November, Thankful Everyday

A gift to mom and teacher-“every good and perfect gift comes from above.” James 1:17 I just have to share a testimony! So worthy of honor to our MIGHTY Savior. Because I humbly share that I don’t know what I am doing, BUT I know a God who indeed knows ALL THINGS and if I did not have him I would fall apart in a minute! Our youngest struggles with focus issues. Yet we have been sharing two truth’s right from God’s Word. “my son listen to the instruction of your father…it will be a blessing to his life”-..(Prov. 4) and “work heartily to the LORD-you will be rewarded” – col 323 PEOPLE I want to encourage you that NO matter what you face – even the raising of SPECIAL KIDDOS that God’s gives us all that pertains to LIFE in his WORD! The last two days he has WORKED SO hard with all his might, and as he sat finishing today he looked up at me and said: “mom, you are my greatest teacher, and I LOVE YOU so much” (with tears filling his eyes and a hug) -as this woman put it: “God’s Word does not return void. It can ONLY accomplish His purpose. I don’t know about you, but I see His Word as the only 100% guaranteed book out there amongst all of the curricula offered to produce fruit. Can anything else give you that promise? It WILL always accomplish HIS purpose! You can’t go wrong with it as your foundation. AMEN!” ~ Karen DeBeus