Image (6)A stroke in utero, limp and seizures at birth.  On a ventilator for 3 days, kidney, heart, and lungs not functioning.  Prayers, prayers, prayers! Soon thereafter all systems were a go, and 3 weeks later brought him home.  God’s miraculous voice, He told me to go NOW to the hospital when he wasn’t moving within me, with minimal heart rate detected, he was delivered immediately and  they said:  “had you waited 2 more hours he may have been gone already”

I could list SO many from his birth until now at age 12.  I’ll share the recent I’ve seen.

He can write with ease, his hand no longer cramps.  HE doesn’t struggle with longer writing projects with processing from brain, to hand, to paper.  No more shaking it off.  No more frustration.  He writes.

Put in his hardest attempt at 12 math problems yesterday.  Wasn’t afraid to try something he wasn’t sure if it was right.  While he had to erase all 12 and redo, there was not one inkling of frustration, but peace flowed through his soul as I walked him through to completion.

He tackled a mangled artificial tree of lights with JOY.  Working heartily to remove every tangled light stuck on.  Proceeded to decorate the entire tree along with his brother.  Team work to completion.  Peace.

An answered prayer for a place for him to reside in the body of Believers and flourish.  He earned his first stripe on his Martials arts belt. The Master’s Martial Arts.  A place where he can learn important skills, most importantly learn there are people in body of Christ who love the Lord and also love him, and all of them just the way they are. And are for him, and will come RIGHT alongside him to help him grow in Jesus! Learned his first phase of protective moves along with reciting this verse, and a blessing of his brother by his side to do together:  (which has been one I have taught them from early on):  “whatever you eat, drink, whatever you do, do ALL for the glory of God”  1 Cor. 10:31

And lastly,  and oh so special.  He reads long passages from the WORD of God!!!  No more tiring from a couple paragraphs.  HE reads, and reads, and reads.  And this Christmas as he sits by his brother.  One reads a LONG passage.  And then the other.

Miracles!  Miracles!  Miracles!!!   

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, be the glory forever and ever  amen!”  Eph. 3:20

Amazing Grace

Amazing GRACE – I owe it all to THEE! He met me there today, on the couch all cozy with family by my side. Relaxed and eating pizza as we began our church via satellite today. Christmas tree aglow in our HOME SWEET HOME, the MOST gorgeous tribute to the Savior through song, the Shepherd Who will walk us through all things and give us rest and restore our souls. Tears running down my face as I sat snuggled reflecting how HIS GRACE flows through this imperfect home, yet HIS PERFECT LOVE holds all things together… in my brokenness of a painful neck not relenting (yet), I see the work of His hand all around us. The beauty of the Lord. His beauty that SAVED us and offers GRACE in place.

What Does Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men Mean? – Our Story…


Snuggled in, I watched two brothers at work  on A HUMBLE, TINY, FRAIL, TREE – with a GREAT PURPOSE – LOVE!!!   I think what was such a blessing to me, was to see them in such sweet harmony.  For another kind of tree I was actually seeing, the fruits of the Spirit manifested only by ONE who brings order, so perfectly.  LOVE, JOY, PEACE, KINDNESS, PATIENCE, FAITHFULNESS, GOODNESS, GENTLENESS AND SELF CONTROL!!   Peace on earth… GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!!

It’s a peace in the heart of hearts, minds, souls that we received that carries us today, tomorrow and for all eternity. A peace that delivered us from the pangs of death into His glorious Light. It’s about God’s loving provision. As God provided the star that led the way for the magi to reach and worship the Savior Christ the King. He provided the Lamb of God to die a brutal death and live, to remove sins sting. His daily provision lives on as a Light to guide our way, for those who receive the full gift of why God sent His only Son. His PROVISION to meet all our needs one day at a time as He leads. Provision through the gift of prayer because of His spirit that lives within and is ALWAYS at work in those who belong to Him to be faithful to complete it.

He worked away PATIENTLY through a persevering task, removing the old and bringing in the new to our artificial tree. How can this be? Something only God could truly do! This boy a vessel of PEACE God is using to be an example of answered prayer and love and a mind renewed! He took that tree and prepared it just so, and then as I began to string the new lights aglow, I recognized my own agitation inside, as I wasn’t as patient as the boy by my side. How can this be? It’s Jesus you see!!!!!!!! A vessel of peace stands by my side, the same kind of peace I had at his birth, not knowing what the path would be, surrendering all, Jesus would meet the need.

The Savior, who came Christmas morn, we rely on His power that resurrected from death to life all for love, to resurrect us anew. For He came to be born once, so that we could be born again. His death on the cross, brought freedom from sin, His resurrection power now lives within. For all who call upon Him as Lord, repent, and receive the gift of His spirit within, in trusting HIM daily to conquer the sin! The battles we face we know will be overcome, we press on with His power, this wonderful race through the life of the SON! A race we will finish by God’s merciful grace, that gives us the HOPE of seeing HIM one day FACE to FACE.

God uses lives the world sees as weak, to show His great power. It is HIM not we, that are accomplishing the impossible, by His Divine will all for His Kingdom purposes. For when He is SEEN and the GLORY of the LORD is at work, it offers the hope that others will believe and receive this wonderful life. For only to be attained through the work of the Savior who came down from His throne all for LOVE. The Creator, The King, The Savior, who wants to remove our sin, set us apart, and dwell within. To offer peace on earth, (which dwells in the heart) good will toward men.. peace that will be for today, tomorrow and all eternity in the HOPE of everlasting life with Him.


United We Stand


Brother, Mom, Brother.   Making connections.  Sometimes the needs seem so huge and impossible.  But then I look to God, and know by His wisdom, nothing is impossible.

I get overwhelmed when I consider all the  recommended ways to gain maximum benefit for a Pediatric Stroke Survivor.  Being honest within myself, it is not reasonable to include every angle suggested.  For the time and energy it would take, would not be the best interest of the life of our family as a whole.

So why do any of it?  Will it even benefit us, if I do some and not all?  Then, I praise God as I ask for wisdom, He gives it.  As my husband reminded me, “something” is better than “nothing.”  So I press on with a newness of heart and mind again.  God shows me what my daily offering should be.    Seems about as small as the boy in the bible who offered a very small lunch to feed 5,000 people.  (John 6:1-14)  The need was HUGE!  The offering was little in comparison, but with a heart willing to give what he had, gave.  And Jesus demonstrated His power in blessing this offering and multiplying it to feed the whole crowd and then some.

We are back on it, this week.  Brain integration therapy.  Offering the time we believe God is calling us to.  And believing He will multiply it, by His great power and love.

Little brother, Mother are privileged to stand by Big Brother’s side and engage in this journey together,  criss crossed three in a row.  United we stand, back at it again.  Building neurological pathways, building relationship one to another, and with the Savior Who is faithful to complete His perfect plan and do more than we could ever imagine.

To God be the glory!