United We Stand


Brother, Mom, Brother.   Making connections.  Sometimes the needs seem so huge and impossible.  But then I look to God, and know by His wisdom, nothing is impossible.

I get overwhelmed when I consider all the  recommended ways to gain maximum benefit for a Pediatric Stroke Survivor.  Being honest within myself, it is not reasonable to include every angle suggested.  For the time and energy it would take, would not be the best interest of the life of our family as a whole.

So why do any of it?  Will it even benefit us, if I do some and not all?  Then, I praise God as I ask for wisdom, He gives it.  As my husband reminded me, “something” is better than “nothing.”  So I press on with a newness of heart and mind again.  God shows me what my daily offering should be.    Seems about as small as the boy in the bible who offered a very small lunch to feed 5,000 people.  (John 6:1-14)  The need was HUGE!  The offering was little in comparison, but with a heart willing to give what he had, gave.  And Jesus demonstrated His power in blessing this offering and multiplying it to feed the whole crowd and then some.

We are back on it, this week.  Brain integration therapy.  Offering the time we believe God is calling us to.  And believing He will multiply it, by His great power and love.

Little brother, Mother are privileged to stand by Big Brother’s side and engage in this journey together,  criss crossed three in a row.  United we stand, back at it again.  Building neurological pathways, building relationship one to another, and with the Savior Who is faithful to complete His perfect plan and do more than we could ever imagine.

To God be the glory!