Image (6)A stroke in utero, limp and seizures at birth.  On a ventilator for 3 days, kidney, heart, and lungs not functioning.  Prayers, prayers, prayers! Soon thereafter all systems were a go, and 3 weeks later brought him home.  God’s miraculous voice, He told me to go NOW to the hospital when he wasn’t moving within me, with minimal heart rate detected, he was delivered immediately and  they said:  “had you waited 2 more hours he may have been gone already”

I could list SO many from his birth until now at age 12.  I’ll share the recent I’ve seen.

He can write with ease, his hand no longer cramps.  HE doesn’t struggle with longer writing projects with processing from brain, to hand, to paper.  No more shaking it off.  No more frustration.  He writes.

Put in his hardest attempt at 12 math problems yesterday.  Wasn’t afraid to try something he wasn’t sure if it was right.  While he had to erase all 12 and redo, there was not one inkling of frustration, but peace flowed through his soul as I walked him through to completion.

He tackled a mangled artificial tree of lights with JOY.  Working heartily to remove every tangled light stuck on.  Proceeded to decorate the entire tree along with his brother.  Team work to completion.  Peace.

An answered prayer for a place for him to reside in the body of Believers and flourish.  He earned his first stripe on his Martials arts belt. The Master’s Martial Arts.  A place where he can learn important skills, most importantly learn there are people in body of Christ who love the Lord and also love him, and all of them just the way they are. And are for him, and will come RIGHT alongside him to help him grow in Jesus! Learned his first phase of protective moves along with reciting this verse, and a blessing of his brother by his side to do together:  (which has been one I have taught them from early on):  “whatever you eat, drink, whatever you do, do ALL for the glory of God”  1 Cor. 10:31

And lastly,  and oh so special.  He reads long passages from the WORD of God!!!  No more tiring from a couple paragraphs.  HE reads, and reads, and reads.  And this Christmas as he sits by his brother.  One reads a LONG passage.  And then the other.

Miracles!  Miracles!  Miracles!!!   

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, be the glory forever and ever  amen!”  Eph. 3:20