More Precious than Gold


Our 2 year anniversary he blessed me with a beautiful diamond ring.  Shortly thereafter I was blessed with another beautiful ring, just because he loves me.  6 year anniversary we we celebrated in Newport at a little restaurant by the bay.  I was blessed with a beautiful diamond and ruby ring.  All rings that I wear to this very day.

After graciously receiving that beautiful ring for our 6 year, my response went something like this: “thank you with all my heart.  I want you to know, I have all the jewels I could possibly desire.  What my heart of hearts yearns for is to be a mama.  I could live without never receiving another jewel, but my heart aches for the blessed gift of motherhood.”  He received those words, in love. And as we talked more and I prayed a lot, God did a miracle…

Two and half years later, we were blessed beyond blessed and  in for the ride of our lives with our first born son Isaac.   A stroke before he was born, 3 weeks in the NICU and many challenges ahead – as well as many blessings greater.

Just shy of 2 years later, our precious, blessed gift of Maximus was born – who has brought great blessing and joy to our lives.  Two very special boys.  Through sleepless nights, every detail of motherhood-from the extremely emotional, rough, rugged, dry and wandering dessert times,  and fun and joyous times, and sweet memories made-to see God work and sustain and provide and do the impossible is a testimony of God’s great love and faithfulness.


Last month we celebrated 21 years of marriage.  15 years after our 6 years anniversary! Two children later. And a load of blessings more precious than gold.  Our life became refined as we cut out much in order to keep where my heart wanted to be serving the Lord at home sweet home in the ministry of wife and mothering, discipling, schooling, and more..   our life was refined over and over again.  Grueling and yet oh sooooo beautiful.

As we sat at dinner that evening, my husband handed me a box.  A little box that took me by great surprise.  For I hadn’t received any jewels since that one 15 years ago.  Oh I have received much. His steadfast and unconditional love, and the gift of motherhood and blessing beyond…

I opened that box never expecting such a gift.  A beautiful necklace with a small gem in purple.  My favorite color.  I cried.   I can look back on all that we have been through in 21 years.  The blessings and the great struggles.  And this gem reminds me of every answered prayer, every cry of my heart, every step we have taken and God has never left our side.  We came together as two very imperfect people.  With not much to go on but a simple seed of faith in the Savior- and time, God’s time as He says HE makes things beautiful, we had His WORD and prayer.

What has God done? Given me beautiful gems that have come through a process of the refiners fire.   A diamond in the ruff has been our lives, and yet the Lord continues in His faithfulness to refine us more and more and it’s amazing to see.  I am thankful He is not finished with us yet, and He is faithful to complete His work.

This necklace is precious to me, and not because of what it is, but what it represents.  It ‘s about God’s faithfulness!!!!  I am reminded continually of LOVE.  God’s great love to persevere on our behalf.  The love of my husband and I, that has not died but grown stronger through the process of God’s perfect refining work.

Purple has been my favorite color since childhood.  It then became more precious to me as the color to represent Pediatric Stroke Survivors.  And as I read in Proverbs 31:22 – I love it the best because it says:  “her clothing is fine linen and purple” .  And in those days back then to wear purple was evidence of God’s blessings to her.  I’ve experienced the blessings of God, but I’ve also experienced much pain in the process-it’s all apart of His plan, part of the blessing.

Because as a diamond’s  beauty and worth comes from the extreme pressure under which they are formed and the harsh process of cutting and polishing that are used to reveal their inner beauty and value-thus is our life.  If we can try to imagine the extreme temperature and pressure under which diamonds are formed, it brings to mind the fiery trials which children of God must undergo to develop true godly character.

1 Peter 1:6-7 describes the beautiful outcome of being tested by God’s fire:

“In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

Is God finished with me yet?  No. I won’t be complete until I see Him face to face.  How many refining fires must I go through?  Only God knows the future.

When we go through the painful processes of life, the extreme pressures a diamond must endure to become beautiful, may we remember how much God loves us.  That in the extreme heat of trial, His word stands true and though we be tested by fired, may be found to praise and glory at the blessed revelation of Jesus when we see Him face to face.

 We…. SIMPLY… and TRUTHFULLY… put….. could not do this life without HIM!