Pure Love With No Words

First Time Holding Isaac - 5 Days Old
First Time Holding Isaac – 5 Days Old

I shared this picture with other mother’s of Pediatric Stroke Survivors recently.   I received a lot of response.

Isaac is 12-L. Hemiplegia/Cerebral Palsy- He  works hard to process life – some physically, but even more mentally, emotionally.  He was born after suffering a stroke just before birth, and I wasn’t able to hold him until 5 days old because he was on a ventilator and didn’t know if he would live.

See how he looks at me? He still looks at me the same way all these years later. IT is surreal.  When we sit together, often during our  reading time but also  happens other times I am talking to him, he GETS as close as he can squished by me and he looks with head cricked to the side and STRAIGHT UP eye to eye with me-almost in my face. It hits me so profoundly for it is the same look as he gave me the first time I was able to hold him for a short time before placing him back in the NICU for more rest.

While words are not an easy thing for him to share nor getting out emotions of the heart (making great strides), extending typical ways of communicating feelings, God has shown me how to TREASURE the way in which he does show his love for me.  His obedience, his desire to help, to please, as well as this look!

This look says to me I LOVE YOU!  Like another mom of a pediatric stroke survivor said:  “It’s the look of PURE LOVE with NO words”


Having a special blessing like this one, can teach us so much about love.  “man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart” 1 Sam. 16:7.   What man sees on the outside is not always what is on the inside.  I praise God for revealing the hidden parts in special gifts from above.