History that Points to Jesus


Charting some adventures… (a quick jot of notes of our special day to make a record for years to come -)

Sweet HISTORY that points to JESUS! CONCLUSION: this world changes over time. GOD NEVER CHANGES. “Jesus is the SAME, yesterday, today, and forever” Heb. 13:8
OH HOW He flows and directs us in this precious blessed life. I am GRATEFUL. Praying, praying all day yesterday & this morning for HIM to show me something SWEET to teach today.
Ended up at this old time store to study the old time things for sell and show. What did we learn?
1) Varying gadgets and machines – when they were made
2)So many things from prices, to outward appearances, to new ways of doing things change… from gas prices, to gas pumps, to soda machines, to Mr Peanut guy, to Tiddledy Winks game…
In a CHANGING WORLD— morals change, what is right and wrong changes… and WE MUST REMEMBER THE ONE who NEVER CHANGES and WILL KEEP US IN HIS TRUTH! ~”Jesus is the SAME, yesterday, today, and forever” Heb. 13:8

And we learned that it is good to ask questions. And if we receive less than friendly replies – we do not need to fear or be afraid of man. Each boy approached a worker to ask a simple question. They were so brave as I went with them. Sadly, they were kind of treated as a bother . I appreciated standing by their side and sharing with them later that they didn’t need to fear, or think they did anything wrong. “let the little children come to me” is what Jesus said. And we can pray for those who have hurting hearts and may not understand that. WE are in JESUS and we are loved. And we can stand in confidence He is with us. Who we are, is not dependent on how others treat us. We are HIS – dearly loved.