Brotherly Love

Maximus pushing with all his might. Lawn mowing is new to him. Isaac stands to be a “help” to his brother if need be.  At one point, Maximus is stuck and says.. “OH LORD You are the POWER IN ME”.

And then Isaac comes to his aide to help steer on.  Patiently, gently with his voice, yet strong with his muscles.  A brother in need. Maximus received the gift from the Father through his big brother. “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Rom 12:10

The Father loves so much.  He patiently instructs, helps, and guides us in His strength to the path we should take.

I often, too thank the Father, for  my mentors in Christ, my Sisters who pray and share what God is doing in them. Who humbly submit sharing our weakness, our struggles and are there as the body of Christ to spur each other on to victory!