We Sing!

singI love to hear the song sparrow sing in our backyard. I love to watch BOTH our boys with JOY and wonder and awe view the little song sparrow, sitting on fence, feathers ruffled in the somewhat fierce wind, gladly singing away. I love to point our boys to the joy in this happening as it sings to the Creator. I love to see the connection that “if a little birdie enjoys singing in the midst of difficult wind, wow, how much more the Father will love my singing”.


I love to hear BOTH our boys sing “Good Good Father that’s Who You Are, I am loved by You, that’s who I am”- one in his sweetly DEEP voice and the other well not so deep (yet) and oh so sweet ,). I LOVE GOD’s WORD and the FIRE it it ignites when we obey.


IF you know our story, you know why this would BE such an EXTRA sweet time. Let’s just say, the Word tells us it is good to sing to the Lord. And when we sing, simply out of obedience because God’s words says “It is good” (ps. 147:1) even like the beautiful sparrow sang in the midst of the “difficulty” SWEET things manifest.


But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love… Ps. 59:16