Harry Boy


So our elderly pup, Harry boy is slowing down more and more. This has been a true lesson in love with this guy. We will love him to the end of his time here and forever in our hearts. He’s still here with us, but able to do less and less. He is still happy and not in pain-we are thankful for that. His eyesight is weakening quickly. His walk is wobbly, his balance is challenged at moments. Isaac’s room has become a somewhat make shift “hospital” situation with a guard rail around his bed (they sleep together) and some other special things to help aide in his lack of ability to always tells us it’s potty time. It is a sweet time of helping this guy along, seeing the love pour out greater and greater from the heart seat of emotion in my guys. I know God is walking with us through this life and will provide the comfort we need when we have to say good-bye. It’s amazing how much a little fuzzy guy can impact your life for 16 years and counting. He’s been apart of our home schooling days, and almost ERASED my important notes on my dry erase board the other day as he wiggled by with his fuzzy body… LOL! I can truly say God has and still is continuing to work through the gift of this pup.