Trip to Lebanon


Finished our 3 DAY trip to LEBANON AND a stop by in ISRAEL – Immanuel God is with us through it all.

Was not expecting God to move so richly and unexpectedly through, of all things, a study on LEBANON!!!??!!

HE is an awesome God! I pray to Him in even the tiniest pieces of doing life. Yes even picking out the paint at the craft store. “I want this to be for You LORD ” I need HIM! With prayer I pulled together in an hour or so wonderful free resources. The WORD OF GOD the ultimate resource. Took a journey via youtube through the Ancient Cedars of Lebanon. Discovered places Jesus walked and delivered a demon possessed girl. Bible prophesy of Zechariah. The place early Christians fled to during persecution and further spread the Gospel, the history of the CEDARS of LEBANON, that the people there value highly today, and desperately attempting to preserve what is left of the ancient forest. The building of Solomon’s temple using trees from the Ancient Cedars of Lebanon forest.




AND Incredible biblical application to our very lives relating to the CEDARS of LEBANON. A quick 30 min. run to the craft store one evening which led to ART! Beautiful paintings of the CEDAR of LEBANON – God’s symbol of strength. The rare swamp cats of the country. Grande finale’ is our visit today for Lebanese Cuisine. Sun is shining.


And the way in which GOD directed my thoughts and steps is a huge praise to HIM! Not to mention that two boys just 11 and 13 able to connect because the Lord has shown me the way, able to sit, study, focus, engage, learn, grow in JESUS and enjoy!!! That is a gift from God! Things that my heart desired and HE has given me the desires of my heart. Do not grow weary in doing good! You will reap if you do not lose heart.


This whole journey has been one rich in JESUS! I am GRATEFUL! To God be the GLORY! It’s not about what you know!! ┬áSeriously, true here. BUT WHO YOU KNOW! “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” Acts 4:13. Holy God to Whom all praise is due, I STAND IN AWE OF YOU!