From Complacency to Generosity – Ignite the Fire


God put a word in my heart at the beginning the day. GENEROSITY. Considering it my motivation to be generous in giving to my husband and children. The Lord took me from feeling a bit complacent that morning. And with a new mindset experienced the richness of the LORD all day long.


Later that night we decided to go for an evening walk, which is rare for us. Three little neighbor kids followed us (when we were almost home) wanting to pet our little dog. My flesh at first split second was wanting to get home , in another instant GENEROSITY hit me (the Holy Spirit prompting me to share, give, be generous with my TIME rather than rush back to my home and my things) and I turned immediately around and spoke to those precious children. God using our dog for me to share about HIM a bit.


“he’s very old. Yes. His name is Harry. But we also call him super dog. He is super because he is very old and yet he just ran strong today because God’s power is keeping him going. Do you know God? Do you know that he loves you soooooo very much? (heads shake, eyes wide and smile in wonder)”…..


As I paused in my speaking, the LORD oh SO generous blew my mind, when our 11 year old began speaking Gen. 1:1 and on, telling the children in story fashion. They all sat down attentively to listen on the side of the road, eyes up, in awe and wonder (not a peep)… LISTENING.  I was thinking, is this really happening?  How precious is this very moment?  I could have missed with complacency.  That God’s generosity wins!  I was in shock that my son kept going… 26 verses later – most to the “t” some paraphrased, and a few scriptures brought in from other places in the bible like He created the stars and calls them all by name.


Later he told me he stopped there, because he said he was getting low on his breath…LOL! And that next time he’ll pick up where he left off.   Verses I had no idea he memorized in his quiet time with God.


God is generous in showing HIS power at work.   I have been praying about this boy lately, asking specifically how God wants us to direct him in His plan for our son.  Looking at his ability to memorize animals facts and the love and passion inside of him.  In a world that would label him, in a world of labels of disability for those things that don’t fit into a mold, in world that would want to tame the energy and passion inside of him, God is GENEROUSLY showing me (I am in shock and awe) more than I even realized what He is doing in our son.


I am THANKFUL for the HOLY SPIRIT, WHO empowered me with the WORD GENEROSITY through a sermon based on God’s Holy Word, I had listened to first thing in the morning. (in the morning when I rise give me Jesus).  A sermon mostly on missions afar.  A comment about GENEROSITY.  That one piece ignited me for the day. Thinking the most of the message didn’t pertain as I was not away on missions, but at home. But also knowing the mission field is great right in the heart of the home. Discipling our boys everyday. And ministering to my husband.


Ignited by the sermon in the morning, I then looked up some scriptures on GENEROSITY. The first one I read hit me so right on… and makes me laugh at God’s presence, and perfect words, to GET ME GOING!

“But a generous man devises generous things,
And by generosity he shall stand.
Rise up, you women who are at ease,
Hear my voice;
You complacent daughters,
Give ear to my speech.” Isaiah 32:8-9


Can you tell why this was so relevant to me this morning? His mercies are new every morning, great is HIS faithfulness.


We made GENEROSITY our devotions for the morning together:
The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. Prov. 22:9
A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Prov. 11:25


We spoke on the many ways in which we can be GENEROUS (and the ways in which God has been generous to us-too many to count – but first and foremost saving our souls):

With our TIME – helping others with a joyful heart
WIth our Words – speaking life and encouragement
With our Money – to help the church and others around us
Just to name a few… (we shared of more)


I am so thankful through the empowering of God’s word I did not remain complacent this day. There is a difference between needing rest, and simply complacent in the flesh with no good reason to not want to get up and truly live in Jesus for the day.   I know the difference.  My spirit willing, my flesh weak, PRAISE BE TO GOD through the POWER OF HIS WORD His Spirit IGNITED. Ready to be generous from the depths of my heart toward my husband and children this day. And if He wills taking it further onward and outside these walls to the world.  And He did.


As the sermon spoke of missions, this is my first missions as wife and mother. And yet HE blessed, to call us further outside the walls at His proper time right here on little old 8th Street sharing Jesus with the little children.


Thanks be to God He ignited a fire and has been SO GENEROUS TO US! “for God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish, but have everlasting life” Jn. 3:16.


The blessings of this day and seeing Him move cause me to shout and sing and praise and rejoice!


We all took into our hearts, minds, and souls God’s WORD of generosity. And not only our evening trip brought opportunity to experience generosity, but right here in the heart of our home earlier that day. Our oldest taking heed to the call to be generous and speaking life and encouragement into his brother in the most unexpected time and way.


Generosity given each day at the heart of what God calls us to, He multiplies and truly does refresh OUR SOULS!