104 Years Ago This Day – Who Was Saved?

The Titanic April 15, 1912 – In Memory – By Isaac


The Titanic,  prided  to be an  unsinkable  ship, chugged through the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean for days leading up to April 15, 1912.


On the night of April 14, 1912, hitting an enormous iceberg, the ship was on it’s way to sinking. Approximately 700 lives were saved.   Approximately 1,500 lives went down with the sinking ship and died in the frigid waters of that starry night.


700 lives saved and survived to tell their stories.  Horrific events of families, separated, parting, saying their good-byes.


Two days ago, I was not able to accomplish the plans I had set out for the day.  Needing some alternate plans, I was led to a movie on the history of the Titanic.  Reclined back with popcorn, we began the journey.  Enthralled by the story,  which led us to one more historical movie on the Titanic that we viewed for a family movie night.


The story  so tragic.  I awoke the next morning considering how many people were aboard that ship. There must have been some Christians.  Doing some early morning easy research, I discovered some really miraculous stories told by a few survivors.


How many WERE TRULY SAVED THAT DAY?  As tragic as this event was, I cannot help but think how God did some fine work in the midst of it all.  What I found were stories of faith, sacrifice, and opportunity for the gospel to be shared.


It was told that John Harper a preacher, who said good-bye to his daughter and sister as they were put on a lifeboat (for there was a women and children standard being played out as the main ones allowed on the life boats), knew his time on earth was ending soon, and he preached the gospel according to Acts 16:31 “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be SAVED…”


Another story told of a man who escorted his sister-in-law to a lifeboat, as he said:  “Don’t be nervous, Annie.  This will test our faith.  I must stay and let the women go.  If we never meet again on this earth, we will meet again in heaven.”  As he threw a handkerchief to her to place over her neck to keep her warm.  Eye witnesses said he later returned to the ship’s band and called on the musicians to play “Nearer My God To Thee”.


One other fascinating story is a man who did survive after the ship went down.  He had escorted many women and children into the life boat and sunk deep within the waters along with the multitude of others in the ship.  Somehow (as the movie put it) he made it back to the top and was able to grab onto a piece of floating wood until rescued.  It is reported however, in my deeper research he gave credit to God.  “a doubt never entered my mind as to the ability of the Divine power to save me”.  It is reported he said,   “These words from the 91st Psalm came to me so distinctly:  “He shall give His angels charge over thee.”  And “nothing is impossible with God”.


The next day, we proceeded onward  with my extra findings.  As my boys and I sat in our living room on April 14, 2016 I asked them.  What would you do?  I know this is a hard question to pose to an 11 and 13 year old boy.


Life is full of the unexpected and we must be prepared.  Not with the plans that we make, but with the wisdom of God to help us through.  Plans fall apart, we face the unexpected, yet God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever and He is all we need.


What did some of these men of faith do in their tragic situation?  While the documentaries share of the tragedy, we go deeper and find a God who was with them in the midst of it all.


What I saw play out vividly was a few that held onto their faith.  And I cannot help but think that had an affect on many, even in the worst of circumstances.


What did these men do?

  1.  Preached the gospel  (Acts 16:31).
  2. Drew near to God (holding onto His word-and probably did some praying) James 4:8
  3. May have worshiped (as Paul and Silas in jail did) as eye witnesses attest to – PS: 95:6
  4. Believed nothing was impossible with God and held onto that – Matthew 19:26
  5. Believed that His angels were with them, helping them on earth, and if the time be carry them to eternity.  – PS.  91:11.

Who WAS SAVED THAT DAY?  It is reported about 700 lives survived.  After my findings, I cannot help but consider the high probability that in these last hours and minutes as men of faith preached, worshiped, helped, and held onto the LORD – that quite likely MANY who went down with the ship on this earth, were raised to LIFE AND SAVED for all eternity.  I cannot help but believe that sometimes, when men are in their most desperate times, there is no other hope, men call out and believe.  Many knew their time was ending soon here, and I have a great hope because the WORD was preached, MANY MORE were TRULY SAVED on the spot and entered glory.


Sharing this journey with our boys was a true blessing.  For one, once again, my plans could not be accomplished and yet GOD had another plan.  On the spot, He took us on this journey.


An emotional one.  That actually caused tears and reflection when I told of the heroes, the good-byes, the lives that were in so much fear.  And yet the men of faith, who held on and honored the Lord and hopefully brought many more to Jesus.


Something special that happened this week.  My plans were laid aside for God’s greater plan.  How many times do I expect a day to go one way, and yet in this home schooling journey God takes us on another? Many.


It’s simply a WONDER that this plan God had, was exactly to the DAY of the actual events that took place 104 years ago.  This brought such connection to our boys.  Imagine… boys, today is April 14, children like you were on a ship, enjoying life.  And then the most unthinkable happened.  Tears welled up for the lives that went through suffering and sadness and loss.  Imagining being in their shoes, and how hard this would be.  They were encouraged, however, that Jesus is the ONE we need everyday of our lives. They were encouraged to see the men of faith, who held onto HOPE in JESUS.


We have HOPE that through this sad time, God SAVED more than 700, but He saved SOULS that are with Him forever.


And that is a story worth telling.  And this is a life worth living.  Sharing the gospel each day with my children, worshiping, praying, drawing near to God, holding onto His promises.  He is the one who has helped me through all the unexpected.  Through the birth of our firstborn suffering a stroke.  Through all the days of home schooling and not in the way I always planned for it to be at all.  Yet, God has been with me.  And as He saved my soul, He continues to save us daily.  He is with us through the difficulties, and draws us nearer and nearer to Him.


May we go where God leads.  May our hope be in Him.   When we are at the end of ourselves, and relying on the ONE Who saves, we are truly living in light of His Kingdom for eternity.


80 years later riches were found along with pieces of this giant ship, in the depths of the ocean swallowed up as if nothing.  May we remember the riches to be found in His glorious Kingdom.  And store up for ourselves daily treasures in heaven.  Investing into the lives of our family.  Investing in one another according to God’s word the things that will last forever.


“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:19-21


This wrapped up our studies this week.  A grande finale’ tie in to our study on the the Great Titanic Ship.


Treasures that sit at the bottom of an ocean.  OR treasures that will last forever?  Let us live for the things that will last forever.  Let us invest today, tomorrow, for all eternity.