Special children. Special blessings. Child like faith. Sharing, caring, joyful smiles, hugs, encouraging words. Prayers and praises, the loving touches of the Savior – through the lives of special ones. Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so, little ones to Him belong, we are weak, but He is strong!

At his first birthday what is he doing? Giving away what is his. Reaching to big brother -thinking of him. It is the pattern of his life, to share and care, and BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE with JOY.
I can hardly believe he is nearing 12 in just a couple more weeks. The Joy of the LORD is His strength the scripture God put on my heart so evident at 1.
I will NOT GROW WEARY in doing good, believing in God’s promise that a harvest will be reaped, if I do not lose heart.

And just this morning, a story being told in the quiet of chore time – a story that begins at Genesis 1:1, he walks to and fro, on and on working away, and speaking of the glorious creation, step by step, unfolding the words of God, the gifts of the Father, the sin of man, and God’s plan for redemption. He isn’t entertaining, drawing attention, he is in a precious and wonder filled world of a mind and heart and soul focused on the Savior and his gifts.


ON this morning I chose REST- I am STILL and ABLE to witness from ear shot God Who gives the most beautiful ABILITY. Child like faith. No greater joy do I have than to hear that my children walk in the truth. God is GRACIOUS to give good gifts to me and right when He knows my “mommy” heart needs an extra touch of encouragement. He is GRACIOUS. HE IS LOVE – HE IS ABLE.


Happy almost 12th birthday to our gift of Maximus.