We walk and talk our children through the realities of this life.  All of it.  Including the darkness growing more and more.  Scripture at every turn.  Taking them to Jesus.  The Light.


Oh how I desire for God’s Divine direction, guidance, leading, in order to experience Him to bringing us successfully to the destination He has for us… we know that destination ultimately is the Kingdom forever with our Lord and Savior.


Earlier this week, the Lord  called me to focus not on the “dark” world,  but to rather focus on the truth that HE has called me out of  this “darkness” and pointed me to focus on the LIGHT.



We went here to this mountain with journals. I did NOT expect how God would do the miracles He did through this leading. On the spot it came to me: “boys, let’s write down all the nouns we see! And adjectives, let’s describe this beauty around us from the Lord.”



Maximus exclaimed wonderful words to my heart for the appreciation he had for me teaching and he learning this way.  “mom you are the greatest teacher I have ever seen!!”





Another level of AWE AND WONDER….!!!! The next day, together we began to write a story of our journey. My Isaac whose speech has INDEED grown through some great challenges, yet still experiences challenge, says. “why can’t I just call it a leaf?” Being in a new place of maturity and comprehension to honestly ask this question.



The struggle to add “extra” language means extra hard work for him. “my son!!! Great question. You see God created words, sentences, adjectives!!! Let’s look in in HIS HOLY WORD AND SEE! They then wrote an abundance of scripture sentences – GOD USING WORDS TO DESCRIBE! “you see boys’, for example: God told Moses he was standing on HOLY GROUND. What if God had just said you are standing on “ground”. Is there as much impact, meaning, purpose in that?”




Isaac SAW the LIGHT!!!! He saw the GREAT PURPOSE OF EXERCISING HIMSELF FURTHER in this HARD AREA of HIS LIFE. Where there is a good reason, a good purpose, there is motivation to push on. And GOD’s WORD is all the MOTIVATION he needs to settle it for him.




Send me your light and your faithful care,
let them lead me;
let them bring me to your holy mountain,
to the place where you dwell. Psalm 43:3


No just a “sword” but a “flaming sword” full of the presence of glory of the LORD.