Digging Deeper – The Glories of the Unseen

Huge thank you to my son Isaac for standing in shorts, in 20 deg. temps and 10 mph winds to snap this shot

God is always doing much, much, much, more than we can see with our eyes.  That is what this week’s lessons have been about.


Through the gift of snow that visited our home, we have once again been able to incorporate living and learning.


That snowflake, and then another, and another and another….and to infinity and beyond… each snowflake has been commanded by God to fall.

“He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’…”  Job 37:6


We decided to “dig” deeper to understand the snowflake.  What is happening in the unseen to make this beauty happen?


We needed to go back before the snowflake – to water.  Well, back EVEN further.  What a joy to introduce my children to the basic concepts of atoms, molecules, and the underlying elements of creation that we do not see with our eyes.  The unseen parts of creation, that science reveals.


As God is commanding that snowflake to fall, He has a specific number of atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, he  bonds together to create, first – water.  Water turning to vapor, then frozen vapor, attaching to a piece of dust in the clouds, where then nearly 100,000 molecules of frozen water conglomerate to build ONE gorgeous snowflake.  Specifically each snowflake unique in it’s design, yet every single one commanded to form a 6 sided hexagon!


(Might I note, this was all new to me.  In a matter of an hour on a Tuesday morning, I set out with what God had provided before me in my home, first energy (praise God!) to pull together this study.  Bible, computer, board game chips, candy, etc…  and the night before I must include, prayer!  Asking God to direct my heart and mind to His leading for this week.)


In a nut shell, we did indeed dig deeper to comprehend the power, control, authority, and care the Lord orchestrates in the making of one tiny snowflake.  Multiply that by a number we cannot even conceive of every snowflake falling around the world, that is some serious deep, intricate work, carried out at ease by our God.


God is in control. God is always at work.  He is creating beauty.  He is constantly at work orchestrating everything in our lives.  As each snowflake so specifically designed, so are we.  And yet, the love and care of the Creator and Savior  runs vastly deeper and stronger for us.  He revealed this love through the gift of Jesus, His death, burial and resurrection on our behalf.  Desiring relationship, and intimacy with us forever.


As we look upon snowflakes, we understand that  we do not see all that is happening to make this beauty possible, likewise this applies  to our own lives.  We do not see all that is happening, the pieces He is fitting perfectly together, and VERY specifically,  the constant work He is orchestrating every second of our lives, to make us perfect and complete.


What He promises for His children, is the faithful work He “WILL” complete.  We can count on, even through the times when we don’t SEE what HE is doing, that He is indeed actively orchestrating every tiny detail in the unseen to work all things together for  good.  Just as He works to bring each atom together to form molecules, to produce the results we see through rain, snow, and beyond… He is working ALL things together for good to produce results – fruit that will be evident and seen one day.  It may be now,  it may be later or  in eternity.


We are called to live by faith, NOT by sight.   2 Cor. 5:7


A strange thing  to see and read articles in the realm of secular science.  Concluding that even though atoms are not visible and maybe only “possibly” in very recent day, actually able to be seen through special equipment,  they indeed believe atoms are real and do exist.  They cannot see them, yet they believe… in atoms.  All because evidence points to this.  Yet, they do not acknowledge in faith the Triune God, the Creator of atoms, and all, when clearly evidence indeed points to Him.

 Let us magnify the Lord and exalt His name forever.  Though we cannot see Him, there is much evidence He is real.  The Creator of the unseen atom.  Creation itself,  Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, the Holy Word, all are evidence- let us believe.

“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse…”  Romans 1:20


Those who acknowledge Him as Lord,  will stand before Him, enter into the kingdom forever,clothed in a robe of righteousness.  Through Christ Jesus our Lord we have the blessed gift  to be EVEN whiter than snow.


“…wash me, and I will be whiter than snow…”  Isaiah 51:7

To conclude our study today.  For a fun little notation, we compared a water molecule to the trinity.  After all 3 atoms join together = WATER!   Father, Son, Holy Spirit = GOD!


Jesus said:  “if any man is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.”  John 7:37


JESUS is my H 2  O  !!!!!!

A walk to and through our local neighborhood park. Not as much snow under the trees. Oh so beautiful.


Seek and you will find…