Island of Quiet – Not Alone – Just Abide


Ever been in a place where it seems you are not “able” to do what “everyone” else is doing – even in the simplest of ways of life? You are not odd or misplaced on that island. You ARE ABLE to do exactly what God wants you to do where He has placed you. John on the Island of Patmos. God placed him there. This was a season where He would ABIDE in the quiet, MEET WITH JESUS in a spectacular way, for specific KINGDOM purposes.

The enemy tries so hard to deceive us women into believing lies of where REAL JOY is found. Sometimes Jesus just calls us to extra quiet places. This is not wrong, this is totally right.

Jesus provides-His Word encourages-Proverbs 31 He has washed over me. Earlier this week, in the middle of doing life, considering what I will wear for the day, feeling weary and rugged, God flooded me on the spot with WORDS from Proverbs 31. “STRENGTH(not in body, but heart, mind, soul) & HONOR ARE HER CLOTHING”-the beautiful clothing that matters.

When I consider the paring down of life through many circumstances, including snow that has remained for 5 days… “she is not afraid of snow for her household..” content for no matter how many days I am snowed in here, not frantically saying, I cannot stand one more day trapped in here, is that what the Apostles did, when placed in the brutally harsh callings? Thanking, praising, and listening to Jesus that’s the example they set. To remain where Christ had them in His presence- in the RUGGED – in JOY.

“rise while it is still night..” I did rise earlier than the rest today. Grateful for an amazing night’s sleep… I hear ” do not eat the bread of idleness…” Honored to place my hand across the doors of our sons bedrooms and pray over their lives.

“be content with what you have, I will never leave you or forsake you” (Heb. 13:5) has been washing me, for weeks!!!!!! Content – coupled with PROVERBS 31 WORDS – So ENCOURAGED.
Sharing this ONLY to magnify the name of the Lord – because God gave me a song a few weeks ago, “take it all, take it all away, magnify no other name, open up my eyes to SEE MORE of YOU!” Isn’t that what happened to John on the island He was placed? He wasn’t able to do much of what “everyone” else was doing, He saw the GLORY OF THE LORD! He was ABLE to do exactly what GOD wanted him to do -write the BOOK OF REVELATIONS!! In God’s economy – that is SO VERY MUCH!!!!

THIS is where JOY is FOUND. This is where we see MORE OF JESUS. ABLE to do exactly what He wants us to do, for His greater purposes and glory.

In HIS presence, in HIS will. The Lord, husband, children, home… We can hold our heads up as women, wives, mothers, Sisters in Christ, encouraging one another… confident that while we experience days of rugged, doing less than the “rest” of the masses, that may not “seem” so beautiful- TRUTH PREVAILS we are in the BEAUTY OF HIS STRENGTH AND HONOR.