I am the daughter of the King Most High. I have a real, personal, and very special relationship with Jesus my Lord. My life verse (so hard to choose one) that I cling to is from John 15. “Abide in Me..for apart from Me you can do nothing”.
Much of my life, in large parts of me, were held captive in a prison of lies about who I am and what I could do. I lived imprisoned by doubt, anxiety, depression. Through the  surrendering of my soul and clinging to Him (that is in the good times, bad times, and everything in between), some 20 years ago, He has given me the experience of walking in abundant life. Not abundant in material things, but rich in a constant, knowing, steadfast, never changing, unconditional love of my Savior.
Through this trust in Him, He has given me the ability to walk in the life He has called me to.
21 years ago I married my husband. Through the struggles of us both beginning this life together clueless and through the years of growing in Jesus – God has helped us to grow in our love and commitment to one another.
We have two handsome gifts from God. We know they have been lent to us for a short time. Ultimately they do belong to Him. I will write more later on the amazing “God” moments along this path of parenthood that started before our first son was still not yet born, how God made a vision clear to us for family, then to home schooling both our boys from the start- Isaac age 13 and Maximus 11.
Mostly, I am starting this blog because I want to share the hope, love and joy in Jesus. My heart strongly yearns and desires for opportunities to share His love with the world.  To give Him the glory, because He truly is everything to me.  And I don’t want anyone to miss all that Jesus can be for them!  Savior from death to life…. forever!  My provision, strength, and wisdom.  Knowing that love must be exercised first and foremost in the heart of my home to my closest neighbors, my husband and children.
I am enjoying this journey of seeing God do amazing things in the hearts, minds and souls of our children through His every word.  Against the odds, with a son who almost died at birth, suffered a stroke and has had extra challenges to overcome.  Not listening to the philosophies of the world and believing God’s promises and obeying His word.  I am in awe and wonder, of a MIGHTY, LOVING, PRESENT God who draws me into him in my weakness and shows me the way daily to direct our sons to Him.  God has overcome much in the life of my Pediatric Stroke Survivor.  HE has overcome much in all of us!  He has overcome much in me, dying daily to myself, and being resurrected again and again to newer and better life.
For so long I felt my voice was silenced and now God has given me freedom and permission to share the deep emotions of my heart. It blesses me tremendously that people actually have come to me, (along with my wonderful husband), and have said “we want to hear your heart.” It blows me away that this could be true – but I say thank you to each of you who have encouraged me to move on with this.
ALL Glory to God! He alone is worthy of Honor and Praise!