Today is what matters. And TODAY, I awoke feeling well. And the lesson my Isaac gave me yesterday… according to Isaac – “TODAY, mom, you feel well, so the way I see it you ARE healed”. He lives in the moment. What is before him. What a gift I have been given. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow…” Matt. 6:34 ~Embrace TODAY. With what I am given. Given – the presence of Jesus TODAY and every TODAY.


Realizing how he lives in the moment. Content. I was hit by this today. The quiet one, speaking a FEW SIMPLE and yet powerful words to me. Just speaking “what is”. Today. Right now. This moment. He taking note that I am feeling well today. I didn’t realize how a bit of me was worrying about “tomorrow”, until he said: “today, mom, I see you “are” healed”. Talk about turning my perspective around. God’s perfect holy perspective . <3 In awe and wonder of our God