Train up our sons in the way they should go. What is purity? How do they walk through this world? This culture? We have had to come to terms with what we know about us. And how God is directing us to walk through this life, knowing who we are.  Saying no even when it might not make sense to others.  Continuing to be awakened in our own complacency to the environment we are surrounded by and how to set the boundaries, and what tools to use, to walk through this world.


This isn’t about judging others. This is about knowing the sin nature of oneself. This is about wanting to please God. This is about a deep, passionate desire to live a holy life in obedience to Jesus Christ our Lord. Understanding this is a very real, present and spiritual battle every single day until we meet Jesus. This is about confessing I am sinner. About doing that which God is calling me to. This is about honoring God. Honoring others.


God says, “You should be holy, because I the Lord God am holy” (see Leviticus 20:26, 1 Peter 1:16). In other words, holiness is built into the character of God. He has a separateness and hatred toward sin. God does not want to be near sin, and He does not want us to be near it either. The greatest argument for sexual purity is God’s holiness. If we wish to be godly, we must wish to live in sexual purity. ~Randy Alcorn Eternal Perspective Ministries


Sexual purity begins in the mind, not the body

“Above all else, guard your heart [mind, inner being], for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23).


“But we have to recognize that we live in a world that is under sin’s curse, and therefore must be very careful as God’s people to separate ourselves from the behaviors of the world around us where immorality is routine and even celebrated. We need to be sure that not only are we avoiding celebrating it, but also that we are separating ourselves from it to be God’s pure people, holy in His sight.

And be careful what you expose your mind to. If you’re on a diet, don’t go to Baskin & Robin’s. If you do, your resistance will break down. If you want to abstain from lust, you don’t go places and watch movies and programs and read things that stimulate lust. Don’t give your mind junk food. Be sure you’re getting spiritual nutrition.”
Randy Alcorn – Eternal Perspective Ministries


There are many scriptures on purity, guarding minds. So many things to consider. Be careful lest you fall.

This is about living with the future in mind. Each choice today, we consider how that is going to impact my walk with God.   How it will affect others.  For our sons in their decisions and conduct.


As well as myself as a woman. In my example in dress and conduct. As a mother to young boys. I confess. I have been convicted. I have made changes as I have been made aware of how my actions can be a stumbling block to others in my dress.  Realizing that a woman’s actions in how they carry themselves, dress, and so much more are signals that communicate something.  It starts in the heart.  When our hearts are willing, God will be faithful to show us areas of sin, or ignorance and more.

This week I was with our sons on a little history adventure. This women’s swim suit caught our attention from 1920’s. My youngest in pure honesty, believes this should be the fashion today for all women. He is the same boy who said there should be a wall around the lingerie departments in stores (this should be a law), and turns the magazines around in the check out aisle of grocery stores with barely clothed women. He desires to keep his mind pure.

How far we have come in our society. Sin can start with a small step forward of leniency in allowing thoughts into our minds, growing us numb to the sin, and making us think just a little bit more is going to be just fine. That good old question, “how far can we go before we have crossed the line into sin”.

I so appreciate these two articles and wanted to share. (below).  Although at this point, we are taking precautions with our boys hearts, they  knowing we are on their side to train them up with the idea of courtship rather than dating.  To keep that ever important accountability.  Our little boys, are now teenage boys, growing into young men, with eventual hopes to be husbands someday.

We are learning the boundaries needed for our lives, to keep our minds pure. So that we keep our whole beings pure. So that we are honoring God. Honoring young ladies. Honoring that one who is their future wife.

It’s a lot to figure out in this crazy world. We continue on our mission. Praying fervently. Examining our own lives.

With our hearts set on… not worrying about fitting into the world or pleasing men. But striving to please God. Servants of Christ. Gal. 1:10